Massachusetts Avenue crash was 'mass chaos'

Photo by Jummy Olabanji

Chaos erupted on the streets near Union Station on Wednesday morning, and the driver of a catering truck says that moments before the crash it had been a peaceful morning. And then…

“All I could do is brace for it … Boom!” he said.

Trevelle Blount said he was talking to his co-worker in the passenger seat when he suddenly saw an SUV out of the corner of his eye.

“You could obviously see he was off the ground, and boom when he hit down, he hit the pole,” said Blount.

After taking out the light pole, the SUV began hitting people -- three women in all. Blount said one of the women was slammed into his vehicle.

"She got smashed between our cars – I was almost scared to look. Man, I know that's bad. All I could do was pray, ‘I hope she's alright,’ he said. "I don't think anybody else realized she was under there."

Bystanders couldn't believe what they were seeing, and a man believed to be a relative of one of the women reacted in agony after the victims were hit.

A witness named Jerry Agener describes the scene in few words: “It was like, horrible. Terrible, terrible.”

Blount says that the women crossed the street legally, and he believes the SUV had a green light. But something somehow made the driver lose control.

Blount is now nursing an injured shoulder, but his concern is with the woman he saw hit. He never had a chance to get out of the way.