Terrible Traffic Tuesday follows Labor Day

Don't forget to pack your patience this morning - traffic could move even slower than usual.

The day after Labor Day is known as one of the worst traffic days of the year. Today is so notorious for drivers that travel experts are calling it Terrible Traffic Tuesday.

However, throughout the morning, many commuters reported that traffic in the D.C. area was fairly smooth - at least as smooth as a commute in the greater Washington area could be.

"I was straight through, didn't have to wait anywhere, no school buses or anything in my way," Ebony Bruce, a commuter, says.

In theory, everyone with a job will be back to work, parents will be dropping off their kids at school, and thousands of employees will flood the Mark Center along the already congested Interstate 395 – surely making for a messy commute.

Keep tabs on your commute with our traffic flow map.

The anticipated flood of traffic had some{ }travelers hoping to beat the rush of the rat race by getting back to town early from their Labor Day vacations.

However, at Mark Center, with Alexandria Police on scene to help direct traffic, things went pretty smoothly.

"I'd heard along with BRAC and the beginning of school, things were going to be pretty bad, but they weren't for me," Cary Goldweber said.

Police posted up at several intersections around the office complex off I-395 at Seminary Road to help commuters get used to new traffic patterns.

This new traffic plan will be visible during both the morning and evening rush hours on Tuesday.