Springfield parking lot includes ball field, tennis courts, track

SPRINGFIELD, Va. (WJLA) -- Access to 395, 95, and the Beltway Express Lanes makes this stretch of Old Keene Mill Road in Springfield a commuter hotspot.

Some believe parking is desperately needed out there, as thousands of commuters seek out a place to park and carpool every day. But spaces are limited.

"Here we are in the middle of August and there is not an available space in this surface parking lot," says Fairfax County Supervisor, Jeff McKay.

So Fairfax County is planning to build something here on the site of the old Circuit City store right next to the entrance to Beltway and 95. An artist's drawing shows a proposed five-story parking garage. We showed it to commuters, and what’s featured on top of the lot caught everyone’s eye.

"Those are ball fields -- how cool! says Tiffany Proffit.

But what some developers and lawmakers want to include are also raising some eyebrows. They want to build athletic fields and tennis courts with a track around it on the roof.

"We need something in the Springfield area," says Ali Rasheed. "We need something like this."

McKay says that the garage would hold close to 1,100 spaces -- almost four times the number available now for commuters. The project would cost $70 million and be funded in part by federal transportation funds.

"I'm always looking for someplace to play, I think it would be fun to play that high," says Taylor Higgison.

The Fairfax Board of Supervisors has already approved the project, so the garage will be built with the athletic fields and maybe a park on top. But it will take several years to be built..