Spirit Airlines engine failure causes inspections, flight delays

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

(WJLA) - A long night in the Fort Lauderdale airport for passengers on Spirit Airlines after at least a dozen flights including one to Baltimore were delayed for hours.

Thursday night, the airline began inspecting engines on 45 planes - nearly its entire fleet.

Spirit called the action voluntary and pro-active following a review of routine maintenance procedures a little more than a week after an engine failed mid-air during a flight from Dallas to Altanta.

That plane landed safely.

Spirit said the checks take about 45 minutes per plane, but some flights were delayed up to seven hours, leaving hundreds stranded in the Fort Lauderdale airport overnight. Some slept on benches or the floor.

Spirit only operates a handful of flights out of BWI. Still, the airline is apologizing for the delays saying its working to re-accommodate passengers as quickly as possible.

Vonnie Bevins’ flight from Myrtle beach took off a little late Thursday morning. While she says Spirit didn't notify customers of the engine inspections, she's glad they were done.

The airline completed the inspections late Thursday afternoon, hoping to return to normal operations by Thursday night.

Meanwhile, the NTSB is searching for the cause of last week’s inflight-engine-failure.

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