SmarTrip cards could be replaced by credit cards, smartphones

Photo: Jay Westcott

If Metro GM Richard Sarles has his way, the SmarTrip card would be a thing of the past, according to WTOP.

Speaking at George Washington University on Tuesday, Sarles envisioned a future where WMATA riders would be able to pay with a credit card or their smartphone at faregates within the Metrorail system.

"The key thing is you would no longer have to stop at a fare vending machine," Sarles told the crowd, according to WTOP.

Beyond Metro trains and buses, SmarTrip cards can also on many other local mass transit systems, including Alexandria's DASH, Montgomery County RideOn buses, Fairfax Connector, Arlington Transit and several others.

WMATA recently announced that they had added an option to SmarTrip cards that allows riders to take unlimited short-trip rides on Metrorail for $35.