Silver Spring Transit Center delays addressed by Montgomery Council

The Silver Spring Transit Center has major structural problems, is millions of dollars over budget, two years behind schedule for opening, and is sitting empty with no time table for opening in sight. And Metro is pulling out of the deal.

The Montgomery County Council held a hearing Wednesday afternoon to get answers from County Executive Ike Leggett, but because of a scheduling conflict, Leggett didn't show up. And that didn't sit well with the council.

The council was left with asking the executive's chief aides and transportation officials about the status of the project.

"This is a question of taking leadership and taking responsibility and we're left in a position of asking questions and trying to get the right answers," says Councilmember Nancy Floreen.

The council called for a meeting after learning – through the media - that Metro sent a letter to the county saying it would not accept or run the transit center.

WMATA officials say “deficiencies of the design and construction of the facility…are of the magnitude and severity that even if repaired…would place an inordinate maintenance burden onto WMATA.”

Construction began in 2008, but the center still has not opened.