Silver Line to cause more Blue Line wait times, report says

Photo: Heather Farrell

While thousands of Metro riders will benefit from more service when the Silver Line takes to the tracks later this year, thousands more are in line to see longer wait times and more crowded trains yet again, the Washington Examiner reports.

According to data that will be presented to the Metro board later this week, the Examiner says that added congestion in the Rosslyn tunnel due to the Silver Line will increase wait times on the Blue Line even more.

The study concludes that Blue Line riders will wait at least 12 minutes between trains at all times, even during rush hour.

These changes will come more than a year after Blue Line riders were pinched with the introduction of Rush+, which increased the number of Yellow Line trains going in and out of the District during rush house. That service came at the expense of some Blue Line trains.

Metro spokesman Dan Stessel tells the Examiner, though, that the benefits for most riders will outnumber by far the drawbacks for some.