Silver Line must complete few major items before debut

(WJLA) - The Silver Line may finally have a finish line in sight.

During a conference call with reporters on Monday, Metro General Manager Richard Sarles announced May 27 as the target date for WMATA to take possession of the Silver Line.

But before that can happen, the Washington Metropolitan Airport Authority and its primary Silver Line contractor must complete a series of “Punch List Items” including major items like: replacing public address speakers at all stations, obtaining certificates of occupancy, fixing a bobbing track circuit at the junction with the Orange Line, and relaying a stretch of track where the rails are a fraction-of-an-inch too close together.

Other smaller issues remain, including repairs to an elevator, protective guard for an escalator and other paperwork.

Sarles says the contractor is making progress on completing the work, and once WMATA takes control, the agency has 90 days for testing and training.

During that time, the Tri-State Oversight Committee and the Federal Transit Administration will certify that the Silver Line metro will run test trains and do emergency drills.

Once all of that is complete, it will finally be ready to open.