Scoot airline to offer child-free zones on flights

Singapore-based Scoot will offer 41 seats on its flights as a child-free zone. Photo: Kok Chwee Sim

If you'd rather your air travel experience be a little quieter, an Asian air carrier has a deal for you.

Scoot, a Singapore-based low-cost air carrier, is introducing areas of their planes that are dubbed "ScootinSilence," a child-free zone that ensures passengers some peace and quiet during their journey.

Along with more legroom and greater pitch in its seats, the 41 seats in each quiet zone will be free of children under the age of 12.

"ScootinSilence is the perfect option for guests seeking an exclusive cabin, extra legroom and confidence that under 12's will be seated in another part of the aircraft," Scoot CEO Campbell Wilson said in a statement.

Scoot services several cities in China, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea and Australia.

Child-free areas are not a new phenomenon, as businesses closer to home have taken similar steps. In June, an Alexandria sushi restaurant said that it would only allow people over the age of 18 to dine in the Del Ray establishment.