San Francisco BART escalators clogged with human waste, report says

Think Metro's escalator breakdowns are bad? Perhaps think again. Photo: Flickr/DCist

The next time you want to complain about something while riding on Metro, perhaps you'll think of this and realize that it really could be worse.

Escalators may break down routinely throughout the WMATA rail system, but at least they don't have the same problem that ones in the San Francisco Bay Area have.

As the San Francisco Chronicle reports, escalators at some Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) stations in downtown San Francisco have needed repairs after it was found that they were clogged with human waste.

According to the Chronicle, the problem seems to lie with San Francisco's homeless population either camping out near or using BART stations as a place to go to the bathroom. However, transit police officers have to see someone in the act to cite someone for the incident.

"Certain crimes you don't see (and) you can't enforce," BART police spokeswoman Officer Era Jenkins told the Chronicle.

A hazardous materials team even had to be brought in to clean up the mess.

When you really think about it, then, perhaps mechanical difficulties aren't the worst thing in the world of mass transit.