Metro top execs' salaries were $3.1M last year

Metro General Manager Richard Sarles' salary is $350,000 per year. (Photo: ABC7)

WASHINGTON (AP) - Metro's top 16 executives took home $3.1 million in salaries in 2011.

The Washington Post reports that Metro General Manager Richard Sarles' $350,000 salary is more than that of his counterpart in New York.

Meanwhile, Metro is deciding how to close a $116 million deficit in its next budget. Sarles has proposed an across-the-board fare increase for rail, bus and parking and he wants local jurisdictions to help by pitching in larger subsidies.

Metro officials have said the proposed budget does not include money for raises. Officials say the rising cost of pensions is one factor driving the deficit.

Metro officials say Sarles turned down a performance bonus, but he'll soon evaluate his leadership team to determine who is eligible for bonuses.