Red Line metro fire on May 14 recorded on video

SILVER SPRING, Md. (WJLA) -- Watch for the flashes of fire underneath this Red Line train in the video. The two smaller ones sent people waiting on the platform running, then 15 seconds later, a much larger flash had the Silver Spring station suddenly fill with smoke.

ABC7 News exclusively obtained the video from WMATA's own cameras recording the May 14 train fire that prompted 911 calls.

From the grainy black and white video, you can see firefighters rushing onto the platform. Fernando Jordan was on the eight-car train; he hit the emergency button as it pulled into the Takoma station. The train operator then ordered passengers to get off.

The train was heading to Glenmont when it pulled into the Silver Spring station without passengers. A mechanic on board reported hearing three loud explosions and seeing the smoke. WMATA released a picture showing exactly what the cause was – an exposed brake hydraulic line that came in contact with the primary power cable on a 1000-series rail car.