Only on 7: Some Metro employees make more in overtime than base pay

ABC7's Kris Van Cleave has uncovered a new report showing some Metro employees receive a staggering amount of money in overtime, totaling in some cases one and a half times their entire base salary.

Last year, one bus driver earned almost $172,000 before taxes.

While the average pay for station managers, Metrobus and Metrorail operators is about $67,000, those topping this overtime list made a whole lot more.

Thanks to receiving $94,361 in overtime, a station manager made more than $165,000. A train operator made $156,417 last year, including $83,184 in overtime.

Are they working too much and is this safe?

The agency says there are mandatory rest periods for vehicle operators, but with the efforts to rebuild the system comes the need for overtime.

Metro issued this statement: "The massive effort to rebuild Metro is well underway, and as part of it, there are times when additional personnel are needed to work. For example, bus operators may work extra hours to provide shuttle service to customers on weekends when rail stations are closed. Strategic use of overtime is common practice in the transit industry."

A 2010 report from the New York State Comptroller agreed overtime plays an important role for reliability and emergency response, but found in their MTA system, "a significant amount of overtime is unnecessary and must be reduced if we are truly making every dollar count."

Metro employs about 4,500 station managers, Metrobus and Metrorail operators, so the people earning those huge overtime figures are a small percentage, but some are making more in overtime than their base pay.

12-0385 PARP YTD 2012 OT_final (2) by DavidKihara

12-0385 PARP YTD 2012 OT_final (2) by DavidKihara