New markings to help clear express lane confusion on 495

(WJLA) - These new purple pavement markings with the EZ-Pass logo are designed to clear up any confusion for drivers getting on the 495 express lanes.

But depending on who you ask, some think it will never be as easy it should be to navigate. The new markings on the road have been added to several entry points, including the locations at Gallows road and Braddock Road.

Just last month, a 72-year-old driver from South Carolina was killed when a car crashed into her from behind after authorities say she suddenly braked at the southern entrance to the express lanes in Springfield.

Although the pavement markings have not been added to that location, the spokesperson for Transurban – the operators of the 495 express lanes – tells us additional enhancements were made after it opened in 2012.

Tracee Wilson says while she doesn't use the express lanes, she can see how it can be confusing but she's hoping these changes will alleviate some of those problems:

"When it first opened, I live in Bethesda, so you have to make sure you're way over because if you're a little over to the left you'll get on it by accident!"

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