Narrower seats on airplanes a growing trend, executives say

File photo: Rapidliner/Flickr

(WJLA) - If you felt a little extra squeeze on your last long flight, you weren't imagining things.

Not only are airlines squeezing passengers for fees for a variety of things, including food and bags, the Wall Street Journal says that airlines both domestic and international are literally squeezing customers into smaller seats.

In a reversal of a longtime trend that saw coach-class seats getting incrementally wider, many airlines, including American, United and Air France, are decreasing the width of seats to squeeze more people on board.

Most notably, airlines who operate both Boeing 777 and the new 787 Dreamliner aircraft have been wedging in seats at the expense of personal space. At their narrowest, the Wall Street Journal says that 10 airlines who fly Airbus A330s have seats in coach that measure just 16.7 inches wide.