MPD: Cyclists required to stop at all red lights, just like cars

(WJLA) - Over several days of taking footage, ABC7's cameras captured dozens of cyclists in different parts of D.C., blowing through red lights.

D.C. Police say it's every bit as illegal for a bicyclist to do that as a car -- but our video shows that it happens all the time.

The cyclists we observed fell into three groups: one group always obeyed the law, another always stopped for red lights and crossed if there were no cars coming, and the third simply sped through red lights without slowing down.

When cyclists ignore red lights, it's frustrating for car drivers. But it's also frustrating for many cyclists.

"In the end, people will just generalize and say all people on bikes are that way, which is of course untrue," said cyclist Oliver Grimm.

A Metropolitan Police Department spokesperson says officers do give out tickets to cyclists who run red lights. And although she couldn't specifically say how many tickets were given for red-light running, the MPD spokesperson says in 2012 officers gave out 446 tickets for bicycle-related violations.

Last year, that number dropped by more than half to 203.