Metrorail operator caught on camera looking at cell phone

Photo courtesy of Unsuck DC Metro

A Metrorail operator is caught on camera, apparently using a cell phone behind the controls. And the incident has riders concerned for their safety.

The photo, posted on the blog Unsuck DC Metro, has people talking:

The Metrorail operator appears to be looking down at something in his left hand.

Some riders who talked with ABC7 say he's probably texting, but whatever he's doing, it appears he's not paying attention to operating the train.

It's unclear if the train was running or stopped. It appears to be above ground, but the date and place are unknown.

But Metro, which has become a magnet for criticism for breakdowns, delays and fare hikes, quickly issued a statement saying, "We identified the person in the photo. His employment with WMATA ended on March 27, 2013. Metro has a zero-tolerance policy on the use of electronic devices by train operators that calls for termination on the first offense."