Metrobus service changes continue under "better bus" program

A second round of Metrobus service enhancements have taken effect to provide customers with better service.{}

Metro says the effort will improve on-time performance and reliability while reducing crowding for customers along several routes in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia

Among the service{}changes{}that{}took effect on Sept. 30 are:

Conversion of the 16F and 16Y routes on Columbia Pike to limited-stop MetroExtra service. Utilization of the limited-stop blue MetroExtra buses on the 28X route on Leesburg Pike. Schedule adjustments on the MetroExtra J4 College Park-Bethesda route, the Y5, Y7, Y8, and Y9 routes on Georgia Avenue, Maryland, and on REX, Richmond Highway Express line.{}

The service enhancements are part of the transit system's $5 million investment to improve bus service this year.

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