Metrobus driver fatigue cited in new report

Photo: Heather Farrell

Hundreds of instances of Metrobus drivers logging 16-20 hour work days are being cited in a new report that's set to be presented to the Metro board on Thursday, the Washington Examiner reports.

The Examiner's Kytja Weir writes that the report will detail nearly 150 cases in which drivers working up to 20 hours per day in a period of study that covered July of 2011. Fifty more cases in which drivers have been on duty for more than 20 hours without a required 8-hour break in a 24-hour period will also be included.

Some drivers also were on duty for 10 consecutive days in some cases, the Examiner reports.

Metro tells Weir that only a small sample size of employees is working the long hours and weeks and that most work normal hours and are not overly fatigued while on the job.