Metro unlimited monthly ride pass considered by WMATA board

Commuters could be facing fare hikes from Metro in the coming months. (Photo: Brianne Nemiroff/ABC7)

Facing backlash from riders and commuters over the latest round of proposed fare hikes, Metro is considering offering a monthly unlimited ride pass, the Washington Times reports.

The monthly pass would be styled much like the ones available to New York City Subway riders, the Times says.

Several fare hikes have been proposed by WMATA management, including raising fares during off-peak times when trains are less frequent and charging paper fare card users $6 for one-way trips during rush hour and $4 during off-peak times.

"The off-peak experience is getting excruciating, and it seems like putting them through the ringer to make them pay more for single-tracking and episodic service," Tom Downs, a board member representing the District, told the Times.

Daily parking rates would also go up by at least a quarter as a part of the new fare structure. But the controversial "peak-of-the-peak" fares, which run during the system's busiest hours, would be eliminated.