Metro Transit Police seeks to improve emergency response times

Photo: Heather Farrell

In the wake of another incident on a Metro train last week that was caught on camera, the agency says it is trying to improve response times to scenes of crimes, the Washington Examiner reports.

Metro Transit Police officers typically take about 9 minutes to get to emergency scenes, according to documents obtained by the Examiner, more than double the time it takes for first responders to arrive on other, comparable transit systems around the country.

For example, officers that serve Bay Area Rapid Transit, the train system that serves the San Francisco area, take about 4 minutes to respond to calls.

"To maintain high visibility to allow for effective response within the transit system, a significant portion of our 450 officers patrol on foot and use transit to respond to calls," Metro spokesman Philip Stewart told the Examiner.

On April 5, an argument broke out on a Green Line train in which passengers traded homophobic and racial slurs. A woman who caught the incident on camera had her cell phone slapped out of her hands by one of the men.