Metro's Breda 4000 series blamed for train delays

WASHINGTON (AP) - Metro's Breda 4000 Series of rail cars is being blamed for delays in train service.

At a board committee meeting last week, Metro board member Tom Downs said the rail car series is hurting on-time performance and called for the agency to fix the rail cars or get rid of them.

The 4000 Series has Metro's worst record for breakdowns that cause delays.

But according to Metro Deputy General Manager Dave Kubicek, Metro will have to use the cars for another six to eight years, if not longer.

Metro's oldest rail cars, the Rohr 1000 Series, has been targeted for replacement. Kubicek says Metro could add a request for cars to replace the 4000 Series, too, but only after the 1000 Series is replaced and cars for the Dulles Rail extension get built.

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