Metro to use buses during track work

It’s no secret Metro is in the midst of a host of system repairs and upgrades as it works to meet the safety recommendations laid out by the National Transportation Safety Board.

Currently, Metro has trains sharing a single track during the weekend repair projects.

But that’s about to change.

Metro’s general manager says now Metro will shut down both directions and do all the repairs in that area at once, providing Metro buses to bridge the service gap around the work.

“The purpose of this is to isolate delays to that one portion so the rest of the line can operate close to a normal schedule and allow us to get more work done,” said Richard Sarles, Metro’s general manager.

Metro says it’ll be able to complete the NTSB recommended track circuit replacement on the Red Line 18 months sooner.

Metro riders were split on the plan.

“I don't like that, that's a roundabout way, I want a straight route,” said Janet Majors.

“It sounds like a good solution, we'll see how it works out I guess,” said Nicandra Merchant.

Metro has released a calendar detailing all major track work through the next fiscal year. See the calendar here.

The calendar shows the date, affected stations, busing plan and a description of the work to be performed.

"We want our customers, community groups and other stakeholders to have as much advance notice as possible of the major projects we plan to undertake in the next year," said Richard Sarles, Metro General Manager & Chief Executive Officer. "It is our hope that the communities we serve will find this a useful tool when planning special events."