Metro Orange Line train accidentally travels down Blue Line

An outbound Metro Orange Line train accidentally traveled down the Blue Line during the end of the morning rush hour Wednesday.

It was at the Arlington Cemetery Metro stop where Steve Sawyer saw something unusual and his train slowed down.

“I wasn’t really sure what was happening,” he says.

The train on the opposite track was empty and then started slowly reversing.

“That train went back into the Rosslyn tunnel," Sawyer says.

Sawyer commutes on the Blue Line from the Pentagon to Farragut West.

“I didn’t necessarily feel unsafe today, but when it seems like a train is going the opposite direction and maybe they’re single-tracking they would have some type of warning to passengers to let us know what is happening.”

“I depend on the Metro because without the Metro I couldn’t get to work every day,” says Jason Grimmett.

Grimmett was waiting for his train at Rosslyn not long after the reported incident. He says he is thankful nothing happened, but it forced him to think about the horrific Red Line crash four years ago.{ }

“I don’t want to have to not go to work one day because the train that I depend on couldn’t make it down the tracks.”

Dan Stessel, Metro spokesperson, released the following statement:

"This morning, one Orange Line train was taken out of service at Arlington Cemetery after it was inadvertently routed to the Blue Line. The incident did not delay other trains, and passengers aboard the affected train experienced a 12-minute delay in their trip. At no time was this a safety issue."