Metro meltdown: Computer glitch cripples trains, causes delays

A rider says no trains were running in either direction for an hour. (Photo: millerustad/flickr)

A power outage and track work{ }may have caused problems on Metro overnight that left passengers stuck on trains for nearly an hour { }- and with no communication from the transit agency.{ }

Friday morning, Metro tweeted that all service has been restored but{ }didn't give details about what prompted the problem.

WTOP reports a power outage and scheduled track work{ }caused the early morning problems.

Thursday night's mishap came hours after a cracked rail caused major delays on the Red Line during the morning commute.

Metro riders{ }are not happy.

"I'm{ }very embarrassed because I have an interview day so I should go right now to{ }take a bus" said Jeong Mino, rider.

Problems lingered into the night and the morning on the Blue and Orange lines too.

"Clustering of people ...{ }no trains for an hour in either directions," said Dan Behr, passenger."Neither the passengers nor employees knew what was going on."

Some Metro riders say they stood on the platforms for about an hour waiting for a train, with no announcement or communication from the transit agency.

"I'm pretty dissatisfied," Behr said.{ }"Its expensive. Frequency is poor. There's just a linty of complaints. I'm not happy."

It’s unclear what caused the problems or if they're connected. For a long time Thursday night, even Metro’s website was dark.

"Finally someone came and announced that there were no other trains running and there was a cracked rail," Behr said.{ }"This has been the situation for two days."