Metro lowers performace standards for trains, buses, escalators

Broken down escalators still plague the rail system.

WASHINGTON (AP) -{ }Metro is lowering its performance goals for trains and buses running on schedule and for the number of escalators in working order.

Under the new standards discussed Thursday at a Metro meeting, the goal for on-time train arrivals was lowered from 95 percent to 90 percent.

The goal for bus arrivals was lowered from 80 percent to 78 percent.
For escalators, the goal was lowered from having 93 percent of escalators working to 89 percent.

Chief Performance Officer Andrea Burnside says train performance declined because the transit system is running trains manually. That takes more time. Metro says unpredictable traffic on bus routes affects on-time performance.

Metro is increasing some performance goals for safety and crime. Metro General Manager Richard Sarles could get bonuses if he meets the new targets.