Metro Dulles rail to go to Dulles?

For Beth Anne Hall, catching a flight from Dulles ten times a year is a bother. And that's before she even boards.

So the prospect of the highly-anticipated Dulles Metro rail project not actually having a Dulles stop is a little confusing, she says.

“The whole idea behind it was the convenience factor,” Hall said.

But a new proposal Wednesday from MWAA Board Member Robert Brown would have the Route 28 stop be the designated airport drop-off. From there, riders would be shuttled to their terminal by a people-mover.

It’s a bold move other board members immediately scoffed at.

"I still see this as rail to Dulles," Brown said. "In fact I see this as a rail right to Dulles and not to some parking lot a quarter of a mile away but not everyone sees it that way."

Brown says the move not to divert to Dulles would save $70 million and would cut off about two miles worth of track. Still, travelers aren't keen on adding an extra layover to their final destinations.

“It seems pointless to me to get the job halfway done," said a traveler. "They are going to spend a great deal of money to bring the rail that far. They might as well bring it all the way because that's what people really need is to get to the airport, not to Route 28."