Metro credit card abuse led to thousands in unchecked spending, report says

(Photo: John Hendel)

On the same day that two former WMATA employees pleaded guilty to skimming hundreds of thousands of dollars from fare machines, the Washington Post is reporting that it wasn't the only theft that may have implicated Metro workers.

The Post says that several members of the agency's planning department allegedly used company credit cards to make personal purchases, such as gift cards and high-end electronics.

However, agency officials said in a report obtained by the Post that prosecutors in Washington and Prince George's County did not prosecute accused violators due to credibility issues.

The purchases, worth up to $10,000 according to the report, were allegedly covered up with descriptions of actual transactions, the Post says.

On Monday, two ex-WMATA employees, a repairman and a Metro Transit Police officer, admitted to their role in the thefts of hundreds of thousands of dollars over several years. They'll be sentenced in June.