Metro considers shutting down portion of Red Line for repairs

WASHINGTON (WJLA) -{ }Metro is considering shutting down one of its busiest stretches, possibly for weeks, because of problems with water and mud on the tracks. The shutdown would cause major disruptions for tens of thousands of Red Line commuters.{ }

Water and mud cake vital power lines and parts of the tracks, causing chronic delays and constant clean-up costs of millions of dollars. Now Metro wants a permament solution - close the Red Line between Medical Center and Friendship Heights to make the{ }much-needed repairs.{ }

"Just when they shut it down for a couple hours on the weekend a lot of people are like 'It's not good at all whatsoever,'" says Maya Gillett of Washington.{ }

The closure could mean more traffic above ground, and some businesses worry that a shutdown of a stretch of the Red Line could mean less profit.{ }

A decision to shut down the portion of the Red Line wouldn't be made for several months.