Metro considering decreasing fare hike

Metro considering decreasing fare hike

Metro says it heard that from a lot of people both in person and through an online survey, saying that fare rates are too high.

A spokesperson says the system listened and will now consider making fare increases smaller than first proposed.

"They need to keep it reasonable, because a lot of people do actually take the Metro, and it is tough times,” said Metro rider Donna Thomas.

Metro will also consider something a lot of folks said they wanted—a 28-day pass in which you could ride as much as you wanted. The proposed price is $230.

Metro says if you pay the highest fare during rush hour each day, if you so much as use the Metro one extra time a month, the 28-day pass would save you money.

One other proposal is to return to just two rates—one for rush hour and one for the rest of the time.

"I try to avoid it. But the thing is, there are times that you have to travel during those peak hours and it would be preferable if the fairs were less,” said Metro commuter Eric Carter.