Metro commuters experience Red Line delays

Riders were crammed onto packed platforms at Farragut North during the delays. Photo: Brian Hecht

(WJLA) - A major track problem near Union Station is causing hefty backups and delays on Metro's busy Red line.

In the midst of the busy Thursday morning rush, a track problem in downtown Washington caused the Red line to single-track between Judiciary Square and NoMa-Gallaudet.

Metro says the issues stem from a fluid leak that happened during track maintenance. They say riders experienced delays of 10-15 minutes, and multiple riders have reported extreme crowding at stations and platforms.

Single tracking on the Red line stopped just before 9 a.m., but residual delays lingered.

Riders are reminded that transfers between Farragut North (Red line) and Farragut West (Blue and Orange lines) are free by walking from one station to another.

To alleviate delays, some Red line trains headed downtown offloaded at Farragut North.