Metro announcing improvements to service, safety

Improved lighting, more information displays and more customer service training for employees are all part of a new plan unveiled Monday by Metro to improve its relationship with customers.

Just weeks before a fare increase is set to take place, WMATA says its rolling out a number of station and service improvements that they say will improve responsiveness and service to the thousands of riders that take trains throughout the greater D.C. area.

The most tangible change at Metro stations will be the addition of more electronic information displays at station kiosks. The new screens will display information such as service status and delays, elevator outages, track work and other information. They'll be visible to riders before they pass through fare gates, Metro says.

In addition, 1,000 front-line employees, including station managers, will go through customer service training by the end of the year.

WMATA will also add additional Metro Transit Police officers by the end of 2012 and complete the installation of camera systems with digital recording capabilities on every Metrobus in an attempt to create a safer environment throughout the system.

Better lighting and temperature control inside Metro stations is also included, as well as improvements to the SmarTrip system.