July 4 traffic D.C.: Over 1 million locals to travel for July 4th

Heading out of town for the July 4 Holiday Weekend? You’ll join nearly one million locals with similar plans.

AAA says 834,600 travelers, or almost 87 percent, will hop in the car. Another{ } 7.4 percent plan to travel by air and the remainder will find other means.

The population of the D.C. area is almost 6 million people, so about 16 percent have travel plans.

Your best way to avoid the delays is to avoid commuting during peak drive times. AAA says 46 percent of travelers will hit the road before the holiday travel period{ } from July 3-7. Expect the busiest traffic conditions on July 3 and 7.

If you can travel during the very early morning or overnight hours, that could be your best bet. The good news is that drivers are expected to decrease the number of miles they travel.

Most commuters, 34 percent, plan to travel only 50 to 150 miles.