Inspector General: Whistleblower fired for reporting controversial Metro hiring

In the scathing inspector general report released last year but revealed today by the Washington Times, Metro officials hired a near bankrupt friend of a Metro official for a six figure salary.

Fares keep going up and the list of needed improvements is long.

But even in the midst of major financial troubles, Metro hired San Francisco-based consultant Marc Caposino, a friend of former Metro assistant general manager Sara Wilson...

Without a thorough background check or even a completed job application, Metro paid Caposino $140,000 in salary, $10,000 signing bonus, and $20,000 in moving expenses to relocate.

The IG report reveals that when a whistleblower reported Wilson for the allegedly improper hiring, it was the whistleblower who got fired, escorted out by police.

Now the IG says "the evidence supports" the whistleblower's claim that he was fired for his complaints.

Today Metro officials told us the alleged improprieties "predate the current leadership at Metro" and that "the key people involved are no longer employed at Metro."

But taxpayers told us that response simply passes the buck. And the former San Fransisco consultant has a new job - with the D.C. government working for Mayor Vincent Gray's state superintendent of education.