Hurricane Sandy road closures map: Transportation issues related to severe weather

      Photo: Flickr/sporst

      Click on an icon inside the map below to get more information about road closures and other reports of damage, including trees down, power line issues and flooding.

      Red triangles denote official reports of damage or flooding and green tacks denote reports of damage from ABC7 viewers. If you've got a report, post it to our Facebook page or in the comments of this story.

      There are also several road closures in Fairfax County (not shown above), according to local officials:

      1.Allan Av (7200 block)
      2.Annandale Road/Taney Lane
      3.Bardu Ave (6300 block)
      4.Barger Drive (3400 block)
      5.Barkley Dr/Karen Dr
      6.Beacon Pl (2000 block)
      7.Benjamin St / Lawton St
      8.Braddock Road/Danbury Forrest
      9.Braddock Road/Queensberry Ave
      10.Browns Mill Rd/Windstone Dr
      11.Burke Lake Rd/Wilmington Dr
      12.Burke Lake Road/Jeremiah
      13.Burke Lake Rd/Kilkenny Lane
      14.Burke Rd/Mill Cove Ct
      15.Cedar Lane (2400 block)
      16.Cedar Lane/Wedderburn
      17.Clara Barton Dr/Station View Ct
      18.Clifton Rd/Popes Head Rd
      19.Columbia Pike/Blair
      20.Compton Rd/Dalemar
      21.Courthouse Rd/Hidden Rd
      22.Courthouse Road/Sutton Road
      23.Crest Lane (1100 block)
      24.Cub Run Park Rd/Braddock Rd
      25.Dolley Madison Bv/GW Parkway
      26.Fairfax County Pkwy/Franklin Farm
      27.Fairfax County Pkwy/Old Keene Mill Rd
      28.Fairfax County Pkwy/Route 1
      29.Fairfax Station Rd/Moonpatterns Trl
      30.Fairhaven Avenue (2500 block)
      31.Fairland Street (6500 block)
      32.Farm Hill Drive (3500 block)
      33.Georgetown Pike/Old Dominion
      34.Georgetown Pike/Swinks Mill Road
      35.Glade Dr/Crows Nest Ln
      36.Henderson Rd (12300 block)
      37.Hooes Rd (9000 block)
      38.Hooes Rd/ Barkers Ct
      39.Hooes Rd/Beechwood
      40.Hooes Road NB/White House Drive
      41.Hunter Mill Rd/Cedar Pond Dr
      42.Hunter Station Rd/Hunters Den Lane
      43.Hunter Station Rd/Regency Forest Dr
      44.Lawyers Rd/Loch Lomond Dr
      45.Leesburg Pike WB at I-66
      46.Leigh Mill Rd/Kelso
      47.Lewinsville RD (7700 block)
      48.Linden Lane (2800 block)
      49.Lorton Rd (8900 block)
      50.Lorton Rd/Ox Rd
      51.Margie Dr/Sea Cliff
      52.Old Colchester Road (9800 block)
      53.Old Colchester Road (10000 block)
      54.Old Columbia Pike/Gainer St
      55.Old Courthouse Road/Besley Road
      56.Old Dominion Dr/Dominion Ct
      57.Old Lee Rd/Braddock Rd
      58.Old Mill Rd (5400 block)
      59.Prosperity Avenue/Hillside Place
      60.Prosperity Avenue/Morningside Drive
      61.Rhode Island Av (2000 block)
      62.River Bend Rd/Jeffrey Rd
      63.Route 50 W/B ramp to Gallows Rd
      64.Shaker Woods Rd/Wiehle
      65.Sideburn Rd (10000 block)
      66.Sleepy Hollow Rd/ Valley Ct
      67.Sleepy Hollow Rd/Bent Branch
      68.Sleepy Hollow Rd/Fern Lane
      69.Soapstone Rd/Purple Beech Dr
      70.Springvale Rd/Leesburg Pike ( at 1 lane bridge)
      71.Stone Hearth/Lady Bank
      72.Swinks Mill Road/Swinks Mill Court
      73.Tiverton Rd (7600 block)
      74.Trapp Road (1500 block)
      75.Valley Ln/Villa Ln
      76.Villa Ln/Juniper Ln
      77.Walney Road/Poplar Tree Road-Hernon Drive
      78.Westmoreland St (2300 block)
      79.Woodburn Road/Guinevere Drive
      80.Woodburn Road/Robey Avenue
      81.Woodburn Road/Spicewood Drive
      82.Woodlark Dr (4200 block)
      83.Yates Ford Rd (12200 block)