Green line: Service restored between Navy Yard, Southern Ave.

Crowds outside the Shaw-Howard U Metro station

Two Green Line stations in Southeast Washington lost power Wednesday night, turning the rush hour commute into a nightmare.

The Metro meltdown during the height of the evening rush was the the result of an electrical malfunction near the Anacostia station, which caused arcing on the line's third rail.

To make matters worse, an emergency responder then accidentally cut the power to both the Anacostia and Navy Yard stations, stranding two packed trains inside tunnels.

“Yeah, it’s bad," rider Laurieann Majia said. "It’s really bad. Nobody knows what’s going on."

Frustration levels reached a fever pitch as Green Line Metro riders unleashed their anger Metro officials say passengers self-evacuated from one train and walked to Anacostia.

Riders were kept in the dark, trapped on the train for over an hour, and when shuttle buses intended to take them to another station were filled to capacity, at that point, Metro rider Pam Tyler took matters into her own hands.

“With my own two legs, I walked," Tyler said. "Me and two other women walked from Navy Yard.”

Several people were treated on the scene for anxiety-related issues. There were no serious injuries and service was restored around 7:15 p.m.