Gas prices jump for holiday weekend

(WJLA) - The nearly 35 million estimated holiday travelers this year are about to hit a major speed bump as they begin their long weekend getaway.

"Gas prices too high, suddenly jacked up a lot...$4.56 is too much," says driver Young Suh.

These are reportedly the highest gas prices anyone has seen for this holiday week in the last six years.

"I have a Suburban so I'm looking at $100 a fill-up if not more -- so I'm forced to put a half or quarter in my tank," says Bob Sheeler.

On this day a year ago, most Americans were paying 19-cents a gallon less than they are today. In our area, drivers in Maryland are paying the most: $3.69 a gallon for regular unleaded. It’s a penny less in the District at $3.68 and $3.48 a gallon in Virginia.

The recent spike is all because of the ongoing tensions in Iraq, but having a big impact on travel plans here at home. Alvaro Vaca altered his holiday plans as a result:

"I was thinking of going to Virginia Beach but we changed our minds and are going to Delaware."

Analysts say it’s unlikely that we’ll see record-breaking $5 per gallon prices – but it could also be a while before they drop from the current levels.