Gas prices drop again: Relief at the pump comes as prices plummet

Gas prices continue to plummet as travelers head into the 4th of July weekend, AAA Mid-Atlantic says.

For the first time since early March, prices at the pump regressed to the $3.50/gallon mark, down five cents nationally from last week.

Prices within Washington, D.C. remain significantly higher than the national average, though, as a gallon of gas dropped to $3.86 this week.

However, the price of a gallon in the greater D.C. area, which encompasses the Maryland and Virginia suburbs, dropped nearly a dime to $3.60.

The national tumbling of prices has seen the price of a gallon drop 43 cents since early May, when the cost spiked at nearly $4.

The continued relief at the pump comes at the best time possible for American travelers, AAA Mid-Atlantic spokesman John Townsend says.

"Nearly 33 million Americans will take to the roads this Independence Day weekend, all undoubtedly welcoming the recent declines in prices at the pump," Townsend said.