Fly Rights app helps travelers know their rights

Some passengers who wear turbans or heads scarfs say they've come to expect the special screening.

But not everyone is fine with that.

A coalition of civil rights group unveiled a new app today called Fly Rights. It makes it easier for passengers to complain about profiling at airports. The app was the idea of the Sikh coalition after receiving dozens of complaints from its members.

“Your turban can potentially be searched because you're a Sikh in this country,” says co-founder Amardeep Singh.

The coalition claims profiling incidents are drastically under reported. In the first six months of 2011, The TSA reported receiving only 11 complaints about pat downs nationwide.

The TSA says they simply do not profile passengers based on race, religion or ethnicity. That said, they're happy to have this app around as a way of getting feedback from passengers

Even some passengers who say they were profiled in the past say things have improved of late.

“You're always gonna get a group of people that get pulled out for random searches,” says one passenger. “I don't think it matters what ethnicity you are, at least I hope not.

But just in case it does happen, there's an app for that.