Flight delays, road traffic back up holiday travel plans

(WJLA) - It’s the great escape at a snail’s pace, as 41 million Americans take a trip this holiday weekend. And they’ll face more than just a few challenges along the way.

A 29-mile construction zone south of Virginia’s mixing bowl is behind this backup, but congestion would be a factor regardless. AAA says there will be a two-percent increase in travelers going at least 50 miles, a million of them from the D.C. area – the most in over a decade.

They’ll also be paying more along the way, as gas prices in our area are averaging $3.90 a gallon for regular. That’s a jump of 30-cents over the past six months.

Those looking to avoid traffic by taking to the skies are finding their own obstacles, as Hurricane Arthur side storms are causing delays in flights along the East Coast at Reagan National Airport.

One pilot tells us there is more to come, and it could be a challenging night.