Flight delays and cancellations due to weather frustrate travelers

(WJLA) - So many passengers made it to Reagan National Airport on Monday, only to find out that they’d have to come back another day.

Augosto Carranza is trying to return to Lima, Peru after spending the holidays here – and his flight was so delayed that it had a domino effect.

"I wouldn't have caught the other plane, it was impossible. I spoke to a person there at the counter and she tells me I could fly tomorrow but not from here -- from Dallas," he explained.

This was Marwa Maziad’s second day at Terminal A at the airport, and she too is trying to return home to Seattle.

“It's very frustrating; I'm smiling now because this woman there tried to get me on another flight, but yesterday I was almost losing it," she said.

The JetBlue counter was perhaps the focus of frustration on Monday, as the airline suspended operations at its Boston and New York hubs, which resulted in nearly all of its flights out of D.C. going nowhere.

"Oh geez...I think in those cases those are the problematic locations where it's just all flat out cancelled," said Mike Schiciano.

But JetBlue was not alone. Many U.S. carriers are having a tough time getting caught up following the winter storms that have crippled much of the nation over the last five days. More than 5,000 flights have been cancelled in the U.S. alone, forcing many to go to extreme measures to get to their destinations.

Simeon Viltz opted to skip his Chicago flight altogether and drive to Milwaukee in order to make his flight to D.C.

"We would probably still be there," he said.