Firefighters 'snap' into action to clear Clinton road hazard

Photo: Prince George's County Fire & EMS

Early Tuesday morning, Prince George's firefighters responded to an unusual call about a traffic hazard in Clinton.

When they arrived at at the intersection of Piscataway Road and Woodyard Road, they discovered a large senior snapping turtle wandering around the intersection, endangering his own life, and causing drivers to maneuver around him.

Firefighters Ryan Ferriter and Wesley Auld carefully scooped up the turtle and returned him to a wooded area near the intersection.

"The Prince George's County Fire/Emergency Medical Services Department is an 'all-hazards' agency. Typically, our Department will respond and mitigate whatever may be happening; anywhere, anytime," a spokesperson said.

The department did not specify how they knew the turtle was a male, and we didn't ask.