Fatal Metro accident: Sarles says more needs to be done

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - Metro’s general manager Richard Sarles on Thursday says more needs to be done to improve the safety culture of Metro following a welding accident that killed one and left two hurt.

The worker, Harold Ingram, 41, of New Jersey, was killed Sunday while replacing a section of track at Union Station. A blast erupted and 40-foot section of track struck Ingram and the other men.

On Thursday, more was learned of the incident. Metro says a pinprick-size hole in a hydraulic cable on the welder allowed a mist of fluid to be released, like spraying an aerosol can. That ignited, causing a flash of flame, which was put out with extinguishers.

The three workers were 70 feet away and suffered no burns.

However, within seconds of fire, a second piece of equipment that was removing an old piece of rail moved, pulling the piece of rail out of the ground.

It shot up and hit the workers, killing Ingram.