Cyclists want bike lanes in Alexandria

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WJLA) - The street signs are not subtle, and neither are the words regarding possible bike lanes in Alexandria.

"It's the worst place in the world for a bike lane," says Frank Buckley.

Buckley is leading the efforts of homeowners trying to stop the City of Alexandria from putting bike lanes on King Street from just west of the Metro station up the hill to Janney’s Lane.

They say the road is already not wide enough for all the traffic, and that there are bound to be car-on-car accidents as a result since lanes are already so narrow.

"This is a really difficult issue," says Alexandria’s Transportation Director, Richard Baier. He will ultimately decide whether or not bike lanes will go on King Street, giving cyclists a clear path to and from the Metro and Old Town, Alexandria.

"I had to lay it out where safety was the most important thing I was considering," he explains.

When a big bus or truck comes barreling down King Street, residents think of the bike lanes and how they say it will lead to problems. But cyclists argue the bike lanes will only make the road safer.

"The idea of this whole reconstruction is to slow the pace of cars on that road," says Anna Pecora, a salesperson at Spokes, etc. She rides that section of King Street often and believes in sharing the road:

"It can be kind of scary. I think it's the right of the cyclists to be able to use that route through the city and use it safely."

Cyclists like Pecora are ready for bike lanes to be made official.