Cyclist ticketed after being struck by motorist

(WJLA) - This video shows the incident unfolding in one short block – in a matter of less than a minute. Take a look as the truck driver refuses to share the road with a cyclist on his way home from work.

"I felt like he was trying to hit me with his truck,” said cyclist Evan Wilder, who has ridden this route home for three years.

The blue Tundra cuts him off, then slams on his brakes, leaving Wilder with nowhere to go except into his back bumper.

Then there is an argument, and the driver grabs the cyclist’s bike before slamming it into the pick-up bed so hard that it bounces out into the ground.

Wilder was frightened for his life:

“I think he was trying to be scary...and he was. He was intimidating with a big truck and he was trying to make me scared."

Later at the hospital, Wilder was ticketed for following the vehicle too closely. But this all happened on a shared roadway, where motorists and cyclists have equal rights to use the entire road. Motorists are expected to provide at least 3' of space between their vehicle and a passing cyclist, according to bike laws in D.C. and Maryland.

Both cyclists and motorists at this intersection agree that the driver and not the cyclist was in the wrong.

"That's not proper. You have to follow the law, you have to obey the law," said motorist Susan Davis.

Wilder says he plans to fight the ticket, but still doesn’t understand how his ride home from work turned so dangerous:

“You can't rationalize the actions of a road-raging driver like that...Even if you're confused about the rules of the road, you have to be respectful."

The full video, posted online by Wilder, is below.

Motorist Road Rage on DC Bicycle Route from Evan Wilder on Vimeo.