Consumer Alert: Pothole damage fees may be covered by local government

(WJLA) - With an axel snapped in half, ball joints broken, and tire and rim both ruined, there’s a lot of body work needed on this vehicle -- and it's all from a pothole on GW Parkway.

The total in damages? Approximately $3,600.

"It was pretty jarring," said the owner of the car, Maurisa Potts. "At first I thought I just blew a tire."

Alexandria resident Potts got stranded Tuesday night during the heavy fog:

"It was frightening, GW Parkway -- cars whiz by, my car's at a dead stop."

We’ve heard from you too about the potholes you’ve noticed on the road. Stringfellow Road under I-66 in Fairfax is covered in holes, and road crews just fixed this gaping hole in the road on Route 1 near Old Town, Alexandria.

After insurance, Potts still has to pay $1,000 for the damage. But should she have to?

"I think they should have some responsibility for it," she said of those responsible for not fixing the pothole.

Well, ABC7 looked into it, and found that you can file a claim with your local government for the damage.

In Virginia, you can file on the State’s Department of Transportation website; in D.C., with the Department of Transportation. In Maryland, call the State Treasurer’s office at (800) 942-0162.