Capital Bikeshare introduces 3-day pass

WASHINGTON (AP) - Capital Bikeshare has announced changes to its membership plan and will have a new pricing structure for casual members that will take effect Nov. 3.

The bike-sharing service says the cost of a 24-hour membership will rise to $7 from $5. It will discontinue its 5-day membership and will instead offer a 3-day pass for $15 to better match the average stay of metro region visitors.

Usage fees for casual members, or those who have a 24-hour or a 3-day membership, will increase by 33 percent. Program officials say changes have been made because of the bikeshare's expansion in the District of Columbia and Arlington, Va.

For example, if a 50-minute ride previously created $1.50 in fees, the fee now would be $2.

Capital Bikeshare:

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