Blue Line schedule changes will mean fewer trains in NoVa

(WJLA) - Two weeks from Monday, July 7, Metro will permanently change the schedule of the Blue Line in order to make room for the Silver Line.

For Blue Line riders, this means fewer trains – particularly in northern Virginia. But Metro says they have a plan for now – and the future.

There is a sense of certainty when it comes to Rosslyn and rush hour – which is why riders like Cindy Riale like what they’re hearing about plans to ease the crush.

"You have to watch where you're going carefully or they'll knock you down -- so another metro would be really great," she says.

Metro has been considering two plans: one for a bypass connecting Blue and Orange trains in Courthouse, and the other calling for a second station altogether in Rosslyn.

After the first option was deemed not feasible, focus shifted to plans for a new station north of Wilson Boulevard, which would be connected to the current station by up to three underground walkways. The plan would mean more Blue Line trains during peak hours.

Metro’s Director of Plannin, Shyam Kannan, says Rosslyn is already a choke-point, and that the addition of the Silver Line will only add to the congestion. The solution is a brand new station:

"We really need to be able to fix that choke-point for economic growth to continue."

All that traffic means that when the Silver Line starts running later this month, Blue Line trains will start running less frequently – every 12 minutes instead of the current average of every eight minutes.