Biggest airlines announce fee hike

United, Continental and Delta are the three of the nation's biggest airlines and all three announced they're raising fares.

The latest increase at the ticket counter is the second hike in a week. This time it's $5 each way and $10 roundtrip.

Aaron Hambrick's is a frequent business flier and says it won’t be a big deal because his company pays for his air travel. But try telling that to D.C. resident Suzette Hines, who visits her family in Minnesota and Washington State and says $10 more is a pretty penny.

If $10 per round trip doesn't make a big difference to you, consider this: An industry analyst says tickets prices are $50 to $78 more than they were this time last year.

Experts say airlines have been scaling back because of the economy and by making fewer seats available, they can raise prices.