Best seat on an airplane: 6A, says Skyscanner survey

(Photo: Flickr/rapidliner)

It's either very rare or will cost you a pretty penny to get the exact seat you want on your next flight, but on the off chance you get to pick, you'd probably be best suited nabbing seat 6A.

According to a survey by the travel website Skyscanner, 6A, which is typically a window seat on the left side of the plane, is the most sought after place to enjoy your trip.

In fact, the survey says that 45 percent of those surveyed much prefer sitting in the first six standard rows of the plane. Seats with extra legroom were exempted from the poll.

In contrast, 31E, on planes that large, seems to be the least favorite among travelers. It has the worst of all worlds, Skyscanner says - it's a middle seat, it's in the back of the plane and it's typically located near the galley and lavatories.

The most telling statistic in the survey, though, concerns middle seats in general. Apparently, not many of those surveyed appreciate a good battle of wits for the arm rests - only 1 percent of those polled say they'd prefer a middle seat to one either on the aisle or window.

These numbers come on the heels of a Trip Advisor survey that says that fliers are as anti-social as ever. An overwhelming 76 percent of travelers surveyed said they'd rather keep to themselves than engage in conversation with their seatmate and that 40 percent would pay extra to sit in a designated "quiet section."

You can check out the full results of the survey here.